Eva Zarkadoula



Dr. Eva Zarkadoula, is a postdoctoral research associate in the Radiation Effects and Microstructural Analysis Group, Materials Science and Technology Division, in ORNL. The main focus of her work is the interaction of radiation with matter and the fundamental effects of electronic excitations in the energy deposition, damage creation and micro-structural alterations, which she investigates with the use of modelling techniques. She received her PhD in Physics from Queen Mary University of London, UK, in 2013, following a graduate project in the Physical Chemistry Institute of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, in Athens, Greece, in 2010. She holds a B.Sc. degree from the Physics department of the University of Athens, Greece. Eva, as a researcher of Thrust 1, uses atomistic modelling to investigate the electronic effects during irradiation of alloys in the damage production and evolution. She strongly believes that the combination of modeling and experiments is essential in order to obtain a fundamental understanding of the processes that take place in the atomistic level during irradiation.